Instructions for Bananax®

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FAQ - Frequenty Asked Questions

1. What can be stored on a microSD Card?

You can store files, music, videos, and photos. Apps cannot be stored on an external microSD card.


2. Why does the Bananax say it only has 1 GB of storage when the box claims otherwise?

The Bananax does have the full amount of storage as listed on the box. Android tablets with Android 4.0 or higher have their storage space split between 1 GB of main storage and the remainder listed as SD Card. This SD Card is the rest of the storage and is NOT the external microSD card. It is confusing that they did this and moreso that they named it so poorly. In Settings you can see the full amount of storage under Storage. The Apps screen will only show you the amount left of the first GB of storage.


3. When an app installs sometimes it asks where to store it. What is the Best choice?

SD Card is always the best choice as once the first GB is full of main storage you will no longer be able to add new apps without deleting some first. Note that choosing SD Card does NOT mean the external microSD card. Apps cannot be installed to the microSD card.


4. The first GB of storage is almost full, what can I do?

Under Settings, go to Apps. Choose Sort By Size from the menu in the upper right hand corner. Give the Bananax some time to fill the list. Select a larger App and the select Move to SD Card. This is NOT the external microSD card. Note that every App requires at least some space in the main 1 GB of storage. If Move to SD Card is greyed out then the App cannot be moved. If there is still not enough space after moving Apps then you will need to uninstall Apps you don't use.


5. Why does NetFlix® get stuck while loading?

This is an issue with the NetFlix app and not the Bananax Tablet. We are working with NetFlix to get this resolved.


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