Jake and Jade the Pirate Monkeys™

Jake and Jade the Pirate Monkeys™ are best friends and your child will be their friend too! Only Bananax comes with Jake and Jade Educational Apps preinstalled. As your child learns, Jake and Jade are encouraging them in these Educational Games where your child cannot lose. Important skills are learned, tested, and reinforced in a bright, colorful, fun world.

Try them Online in your web browser by selecting the links below. Only Bananax allows you to try Online first.

*Note - computer required. Trial versions do not work on phones and tablets.

Jake and Jade's Memory Adventure™

Memory Adventure

Jake and Jade are out on a quest to return to their pirate ship. Your child can help Jake or Jade get there with a memory adventure!

Fifteen levels of memory building fun! Find the fruit in the chest that Oliver is seeking. The game becomes more difficult as your child progresses. There are also three skill levels to choose from so as your child's memory builds, they can skip the easier sections.

Pirate Monkey Preschool™

Pirate Monkey Preschool

Jake and Jade help your child get ready for school. Based on recommendations by leading educators, Pirate Monkey Preschool™ teaches early learning skills.

This includes counting pennies; recognizing coins; counting objects; recognizing left, middle, and right; concepts of fewer and more; as well as smaller and larger numbers.

Pirate Monkey Kindergarten™

Pirate Monkey Kindergarten

Your child can practice their Kindergarten skills with Jake and Jade. Based on recommendations by leading educators, Pirate Monkey Kindergarten™ reinforces the skills your child is learning at school.

This includes counting money with pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters; recognizing coins; counting objects; adding; subtraction, concepts of fewer and more; smaller and larger numbers; and word problems with numerical addition and subtraction.